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  • Shady company

    I have never used this company before and I usually only do business with names I trust. However, they advertised Light Blue at a sale price so I thought I would save some money. BIG mistake. I ordered my fragrance on Dec. 26. Thankfully, I paid for my order via Paypal. I received no confirmation email from the company and no way to track my order. I contacted the company through their customer service link on the Web site several times and never got a reply. A phone call to their customer service dept resulted in waiting on "hold" for an hour without talking to anyone. I... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    wweastin's Picture   wweastin    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tracking Number Wrong

    It's more than 2 weeks now that i placed an order with They got my payment of $122.00 on my orders and after they received my payment with no email they credited on my visa card the amount of $50.00. I emailed them and put the out of stock items i ordered. They got my money first before telling me some of my stocks were out of stock. They shipped the remaining products that were not out ofstock and provided me with a tracking number. and when i checked the shipping courier wasn't found in their system. I reslly don't know if they will still ship to me... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    zannes168's Picture   zannes168    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible - do not use!

    I ordered items through fragnancenet two weeks ago. In that time, I have placed and received TWO orders from strawberrynet. The fragrancenet order was an order worth several hundred dollars. After over a week, my order had still not been shipped, despite the site's guarantee to ship within 24 - 48hrs.. I sent three emails to fragnancenet enquiring about the status of my order and have received no reply. I threatened to cancel the order, however could find no method to do so. I received an automated email some days later saying the order had been sent. The email included a tracking... More...
    Cjgumm's Picture   Cjgumm    1 Comments   Comments
  • is a fraud! selling counterfeited products placed in the boxes of original brand names. I ordered Swiss Army fragrance last December as a gift for the New Year, got it in original, sealed box and when open it was a proximity of the original product. How do I know, because I'm using this product for the last 12 months and still have half a bottle from the original manufacturer. I've send it back the same day and after 30 days waiting still can't get a refund. They are doing false advertising saying that the finances are original. They should be stopped and reported to... More...
    lunarius's Picture   lunarius    0 Comments   Comments
  • Missing in Action

    I am horribly disappointed with this company. I ordered one bottle of perfume and it took 12 days for my order to arrive, and when I opened it, it was the wrong product. I sent it back 2 days later, and asked for either the correct product or a refund. I sent it priority shipping so it took 2 days to get back to them, and now, almost 3 weeks later, they claim they never received my package. So now I am out the price of the product and shipping 2 ways. This was the first and last time I will order from them and I will not recommend them to anyone. More...
    khan68's Picture   khan68    3 Comments   Comments
  • I smell a rat - the full story!

    I would be very wary of this company as I suspect all is not as it seems. I ordered some bath salts for my wife's birthday from this company. This particular bath salt was discontinued so I was excited to find someone who still had it in stock. I gave them a billing address for my credit card and a delivery address for the bath salts. They delivered the bath salts to the billing address, not the delivery address. This is unprofessional, but I accept mistakes can happen. I rang them and asked if I would be compensated for this mix up. I was told no. The rude woman said I... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    curefreak's Picture   curefreak    3 Comments   Comments
  • where's my stuff??

    would you purchase something if you knew it would take TEN DAYS shipping to get to you? Apparently has changed its shipping to parcel post, and not even priority mail. I ordered some makeup for $100 on August 8th and it was shipped out on the 10th. When I called to see what is going on with my order all they said is they changed their shipping method, and that I should receive my order on the 19th or 20th! Pretty unbelievable in this day and age. What's the use of having "free shipping" if the pace is from the 18th century? Very disappointed! I said I would... More...
    beautyover50's Picture   beautyover50    0 Comments   Comments
  • Old Jo Malone cologne

    I bought a large bottle of Jo Malone lime blossom cologne from for my girlfriend last Christmas. Unfortunately, she was too ashamed to tell me until recently that she discerned a difference from the Jo Malone scent she was used to. She speculated that it was old, and that was why it was being sold at a discount (the discount wasn't even that substantial--only about 10%). In any event, I just had to buy her a new bottle at Neiman Marcus. She could tell the difference by spraying some of each on both arms. I just called to try to return the bottle, but the... More...
    jashapiro's Picture   jashapiro    2 Comments   Comments
  • Alien

    I recently bought a re-fill of Alien and it turned my skin a strange shade of pinkish -purple as well as the my carpet! Also, the scent was off- and only lasted about 15 minutes! I contacted Theirry Mugler and they informed me that was not authorized to sell thier products. Hmmmm. Wonder what that was was in that bottle? More...
    raspberry's Picture   raspberry    2 Comments   Comments
  • no good!

    I ordered Sonia Rykiel, which I have used for years. The bottle they sent me stunk like grapefruits and I returned it for an exchange. They sent me back the same bottle!! It was sent back unsealed and thrown in a box! I couldn't believe it. The same bottle, and it stunk just the same. I sent it back demanding a full refund plus my shipping cost or I am reporting them to the BBB. Whoever did this shoud be ashamed. Sonia Rykiel perfume is ALWAYS sealed. This company really sucks. Stay away!!!! More...
    Julie007's Picture   Julie007    0 Comments   Comments

    i was shocked by the cheap prices so i bought some perfume. ive heard other complaints that they send impostor perfumes, but i **THINK** mine is real. However, some shoppers discount made a $12 charge to my phone, shortly after the purchase. If you get a charge under the phone number 800-889-8776, call them up WITHIN 30 DAYS!!! if you do not, they will continue to charge you, claiming that you signed up during your fragrance purchase. VERY SHADY WEBSITE. WONT USE AGAIN. More...
    asdjkdjsi's Picture   asdjkdjsi    0 Comments   Comments
  • selling used bottle

    I am not sure if the company profile states if they are selling used perfumes or not,... but they do sell used bottles. I got mine D&G men perfume and the box was wrinkled all over and mostly the pump/plunger what ever that name is had someone else's finger print all over,, and the bottle was not even full.. I mean you can tell just by looking at the bottle it is not brand new bottle. They allow me to return the item minus the shipping fee.. will never but from them.. More...
    cellowiz's Picture   cellowiz    0 Comments   Comments
  • scam city

    I purchased a bottle of Burberry Cologne for my spouse for Christmas. It arrived on time, but it was a imposter. the product is a fake. Also, I noticed a charge for $12.00 from Shopper's Village on my credit card statement. I have been charged $12.00 since December 2008. When you put in your e-mail for a coupon you "sign up" for this service. Huge rip off! Will never shop there again!!!! More...
    rosiecaps's Picture   rosiecaps    0 Comments   Comments


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